Who Is Fittle?

Fittle is being created by a team of PARC researchers in Augmented Social Cognition, an active R&D program that blends artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, social computing, and user experience design. Our goal is to help individuals adopt healthier lifestyles with a new approach that is easy, engaging, and sustainable.

How Is Fittle Different?

Fittle is based on the psychology of human behavior, delivered via modern technology. It models why individuals choose certain behaviors, and how to guide them towards better choices in a way that is personal, fun, and sticky. The goal isn't tracking but adherence: how to create change that will last a lifetime.

How Fittle works

In small teams,

screenshot of how fittle uses small teams to motivate

Engage friends,

screenshot of how fittle connects you with others

Report activities,

screenshot of how fittle allows reporting of challenge activities

Be social, and

screenshot of how fittle uses a social feed to engage users

Improve health

screenshot of how fittle improves your health
Fittle is based on patent-pending technology from PARC, a company renowned for breakthrough innovation in human-centered computing.

When individuals begin using Fittle, they select a health challenge from the exchange and join a team. As the team embarks on the challenge, Fittle's intelligent coaching agent constantly learns about the team and its members. Each person and team is unique, so it provides timely advice, encouragement, and feedback that is personalized. It optimizes and strengthens team interactions and bonds via team-specific and timely nudges.

After a challenge is completed, individuals can go back to the Fittle exchange and pick a new program to tackle. Since Fittle remembers what it has learned, users will have a continuously improved and personalized user experience, whether they choose to stay with the same team or join a new one.

How Can I Fittle?

Fittle has already shown promising results in internal pilots. We are looking for partners to engage with us to pilot, validate, and improve the system.

We are looking for early adopters to pilot Fittle with their users. Realize the benefits of a healthier company while engaging with us on next-generation R&D.

To get started: Contact partner services.
We are looking for individuals to help create an innovative approach to an age-old problem. Be the first to experience Fittle (and say hello to FittleBot when you're there).

To get started: Download Fittle from the App Store and sign in. You can get a code from one of our partners.

Better health can't wait – take action now. Join us to create a brighter future through mobile health.